How to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in Magento?

Magento is one of the most used ecommerce website builder platform where it offers powerful tools like search engine optimization, catalog-management, etc. So today if you are using a Magento tool for your website and now if you want to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS then here is the complete information on it.

But before redirect from HTTP to HTTPS you need to buy an SSL certificate for your website.

Now follow the below steps to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in Magento:

>>>> First you need to Configure Secure URLs

---->> First login to your Magento Admin

---->> Next go to Store and click on configuration and then click on General in here you will see an option named Web click on it

---->> In here you need to click on Base URLs (secure) option

---->> Next in Secure Base URL you need to enter domain name using HTTPS

---->> You also need to mention "YES" in Secure URLs on Storefront and Use Secure URLs on Admin

---->> Once everything is changed you need to click on Save config option.

>>>> Next you need to enable Force TLS

---->> In here login to your Magento Admin panel then go to Stores in here click on Configuration and then click on Advanced System

---->> Next you will see a Fastly Configuration in here you need to click on Advanced Configuration option

---->> In here you need to click on Force TLS option

---->> Up next a dialog box will appear in here you need to click on "Upload"

---->> Once it's done you need to make sure that the current state of Force TLS is displayed as enabled.

So what is HTTPS? And why it is very much important for a website?

HTTPS stands for Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is the encrypted update to the HTTP protocol, where it adds an extra layer of security and helps to overcome against the sensitivity attacks on websites. Not only that if your website it HTTPS then it provides better assurance to your customers and thus helps in securing users data.

And today Google is trying to stop the security challenge that many of the people face across the web through its Chrome browser. But here the browser behavior is not typically considered but it does impact on information seek's perception. Moreover organic search is one of the best ways to expose more people and customers for your business which helps to increase the brand value. So today if you are having a highly secure website then it will create a strong impression on their mind which convert into doing business (purchasing) with your brand.

Here is the information on why it is very much important for a website to use HTTPS rather than HTTP:

1. Increased rankings

One of the best advantage that one will get from using HTTPS is that they can easily increase their search engine rankings. Because as you know today most of the people are using Google as their search engine and Google has also confirmed that there are good chances that it will boost the ranking of a website. For this reason today the value of switching from HTTP to HTTPS is very likely to increase over time. So in the search engine optimization world, even a small change in the ranking will help your website to take a lead over your competitors and it also helps you to create an additional natural search revenue.

Even Bing which is worlds second largest search engine considers that the security of a website is very much mandatory which in the hands of the owner's to rank better. But Bing does not provide rankings boost for HTTPS.

2. HTTPS can help with SEO

If you want to get a good and better ranking on search engines then you need to do a proper and solid SEO for your website. So having an HTTPS website means it is one of the best security approaches where you can easily compete with your competitors for top or best ranking in the search engines particularly using keywords. Since having an HTTPS website is more secured it also helps to build a better trust bond among your customers and now visitors.

3. Referrer Data

Yes usually when a traffic passes to an HTTPS website the secure or confidential data/ information is preserved. Hence the user no need to afraid of any sort of security breach of his data. But whereas when traffic passes through an HTTP website it can displace and can hackers can easily hack it.

4. AMP requires https

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. So today if you are serious about searching, selling or being nethead then you have to turn your focus on mobile revolution bandwagon. Because as you know today most of the people have mobile phones and mobile phone user rates are increasing day by day. So if you turn your website into HTTPS you can create a good impression on those customers who use cell phones. Hence it will boost your business.

5. Security and privacy

Using HTTPS adds more security for your SEO goal as well as for your website in many ways. Like with HTTPS verifies that the website is one the server. And it will also prevent your website from tampering by third parties. Not only that it also makes your website more secure for your visitors. Best of all is that it will encrypt all communication including URLs, which protects things like browsing history and credit card numbers.

How does HTTPS provide a more secure browsing experience?

1. With HTTPS user will be stay connected with predetermined website and not with an imposter! So the https:// in the address bar and the appearance of the lock icon indicates an HTTPS connection, which makes the visitor to be more secure if they are sharing any confidential data through that website.

2. Since you will be using SSL certificate all of your login IDs, passwords, credit and debit card numbers, and other personal information that is entered will be encrypted end to end. And the encryption will work regardless of which direction the data is sent. This level of security is very much important to online retailers and to their clients.

And today if you want to redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS then first you need to install SSL certificated for your website. Moreover today if you are having an E-commerce website you should absolutely need to have an SSL Certificate. Because in Ecommerce website it will be collecting customers confidential data, so it must be protected.

Because today people are aware of online fraud and visitor are expecting security for their data. So if your website is not providing sufficient security solution then they will switch their mind to another website.


I would like to conclude that switching to HTTPS will help you stay in good graces with Google and other search engines. Along with that, there are also many SEO benefits which your business gets. Moreover HTTPS is far more secure system for a website to operate. Because security is one of the important aspects where most of the customer/ visitors will be looking for. Even  Google has plans to extend the impact of HTTPS in the future, by making "secure search" even more secure.