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1 Month subscription with ticket support + forum support. It is charged $5 per month.

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1 Year subscription with ticket support + forum support. It is charged $4per month.

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Please provide feedback/issues to us using Support/Forum .
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q => Can I install on debian or ubuntu ?

A => As of now, It works only in Centos. Please install on CentOs

Q => Can you install & setup the server for me ?

A => Once you download the license, You can send us the server root username and password, We can install & setup for you.

Q => Can you migrate the server from cPanel to OVIPanel (Do you provide this as a service) ?

A => You can migrate yourself using easy to use GUI. Refer this URL

Q => Do you provide support ?

A => Yes, We provide support and 4 ~ 6 hour response time for our ticket system on all working days.

Q => I am not able to see the demo ?

A => Demo server resets once in 30 minutes, please try again after 2 minutes.

Q => I want ready to use, Pre-Installed server, Where can I get it?

A => You can get the latest version of OviPanel Preinstalled VPS / Dedicated server from HostingRaja (http://www.HostingRaja.in).

Q => Do you charge anything extra or account based ?

A => No, It is fixed price per month. You can create any number of accounts.

Q => How can I get support?

A => You can raise a ticket or ask questions on Forum, We can respond to you.

Q => Do you provide support for FREE edition?

A => Yes, Please contact us on Forum, We will be happy to help you.

Q => How long does it take to install?

A => As we have more features,It takes around 45 minutes to install. It is a worth a wait to get quality Panel for free/less price.

Q => What If some control panel or MySQL or Apache services already installed?

A => OviPanel installation will fail, You have to install on plain OS.

Admin Control Panel Features
  1. Manage Clients
  2. OVIPanel auto login.
  3. Apache configuration rebuild
  4. CSF configuration setting
  5. Apache and Nginx settings
  6. Repairing MySql database
  7. Hostname Change
  8. Secure Panel
  9. Service status checking
  10. Secure Upload
  11. Web server
  12. Unblock spam mails
  13. View bandwidth
  14. Mysql root password change
  15. Apache log Settings
  16. Change appearance
  17. Change Site IP address
  18. Assign domain IP address
  19. Package Management
  20. Mail Log checker
  21. Add IP address.
  22. Temporary URL Support
User Control Panel Features
  1. Filemanager
  2. Backup
  3. FTP
  4. Remote mysql
  5. Mysql support with phpmyadmin
  6. Mongodb support with Rock Mongo
  7. Postgresql support
  8. DNS manager
  9. SSL
  10. CSR generator
  11. Domain support (Addon domain, subdomain parked domain, domain forwarder )
  12. Email support (Email Accounts, Spam assassin, Email Forwarder, Webmail, Rainloop, Autoresponder, Alias)
  13. Virus scanner
  14. Softaculous
  15. One click wordpress installation
  16. Webalizer stats
  17. Cron manager
  18. PHP Multiple version support
  19. Modsecurity
  20. Mod http2
  21. Protected directories
  22. Log viewer
  23. Server information.