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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q => Can I install on debian or ubuntu ?

A => As of now, It works only in Centos. Please install on CentOs

Q => Can you install & setup the server for me ?

A => Once you download the license, You can send us the server root username and password, We can install & setup for you.

Q => Can you migrate the server from cPanel to OVIPanel (Do you provide this as a service) ?

A => You can help you with migration of your client's accounts from cPanel to OVIPanel.

Q => Do you provide support ?

A => Yes, We provide support and 4 ~ 6 hour response time for our ticket system on all working days.

Q => I am not able to see the demo ?

A => Demo server resets once in 30 minutes, please try again after 2 minutes.

Q => I want ready to use, Pre-Installed server, Where can I get it?

A => You can get the latest version of OviPanel Preinstalled VPS / Dedicated server from HostingRaja (

Q => Do you charge anything extra or account based ?

A => No, It is fixed price per month. You can create any number of accounts.

Q => How can I get support?

A => You can raise a ticket or ask questions on Forum, We can respond to you.

Q => Do you provide support for FREE edition?

A => Yes, Please contact us on Forum, We will be happy to help you.

Q => How long does it take to install?

A => As we have more features,It takes around 45 minutes to install. It is a worth a wait to get quality Panel for free/less price.

Q => What If some control panel or MySQL or Apache services already installed?

A => OviPanel installation will fail, You have to install on plain OS.

Admin Control Panel Features
  • Manage Clients
  • OVIPanel auto login.
  • Apache configuration rebuild
  • CSF configuration setting
  • Apache and Nginx settings
  • Repairing MySql database
  • Hostname Change
  • Secure Panel
  • Service status checking
  • Secure Upload
  • Web server
  • Unblock spam mails
  • View bandwidth
  • Mysql root password change
  • Apache log Settings
  • Change appearance
  • Change Site IP address
  • Assign domain IP address
  • Package Management
  • Mail Log checker
  • Add IP address.
  • Temporary URL Support
User Control Panel Features
  • Filemanager
  • Backup
  • FTP
  • Remote mysql
  • Mysql support with phpmyadmin
  • Mongodb support with Rock Mongo
  • Postgresql support
  • DNS manager
  • SSL
  • CSR generator
  • Domain support (Addon domain, subdomain parked domain, domain forwarder )
  • Email support (Email Accounts, Spam assassin, Email Forwarder, Webmail, Rainloop, Autoresponder, Alias)
  • Virus scanner
  • Softaculous
  • One click wordpress installation
  • Webalizer stats
  • Cron manager
  • PHP Multiple version support
  • Modsecurity
  • Mod http2
  • Protected directories
  • Log viewer
  • Server information.
What is NEW?
  • CentOs 8 Support - Centos8 is at least 25% fastet than centos 7.
  • NextCloud & Only office - Integration in beta.
  • Litespeed Web server support on centos 7 ( Not supported in centos 8)
  • Nginx Web server support with Multiple PHP version support
  • Mod_security in nginx server
  • Two Factor authentication using Email OTP
  • Secure Upload & secure website in Nginx & Litespeed
  • Nodejs 14.5 support
  • We are providing openlitespeed dashboard and also option to clear the openLitespeed domain cache(centos 7).
  • PHP configuration Editor in nginx
  • Varnish Cache - Improved.
  • SSL supporting in nginx webserver
  • CloudLinux, Jailshell, Python, tomcat supported in Centos 8 & 7.
  • mongodb and postgresql upgraded to latest version
  • Oneclick django & Flask frameworkv
  • ThirdParty SSL Support