How to check PHP version in OVIPanel?

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language which will suit the server-side web development. In most of the case, PHP runs on a web server. PHP code in a requested file is being executed based on the PHP runtime, for creating the dynamic website content or dynamic images used on websites.

Steps to check the PHP version:

Step-1: Login to OVIPanel

Step-2: Select the PHP configuration from server admin

Step-3: In PHP configuration page click on the View full PHP configuration.

Now you will be redirected to the new screen which will display the complete PHP configuration. That will be shows your server core PHP only.


Note: If you need to know your domain php version, create one info.php in your domain directory. And update the below content in that file and check it your browser using the URL





Most of the people today know that PHP is a popular and specialized programming language which is focused on web and web services development. This PHP language also enables the very simple scripting and it is widely used for content management, e-commerce, customer relationship management, database access, e-commerce, forums, blogs, and other web-based applications.

As a result today PHP is gaining its momentum in both public and private organization and help them to have an easy and rapid way to deploy their web application. Not only that in PHP it also supports thousands of open components and it also allows for quick prototyping and deployment. And today if you are looking better innovation in your organisation then this language can be extremely useful. Since PHP is an open and easy to use a web application, it has a large community of users where you can easily get some solution when you want.

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