How to Use varnish cache using ACP?


Varnish cache is a program which increases the speed of a site and also reducing the web server load. It is an HTTP caching system and it stores the copies of pages served by the dedicated servers. The Varnish cache is being designed especially for HTTP accelerator. The important role of varnish cache is to store the cache data in the memory and reduce the CPU usage and database access by the base server. Varnish cache is good for full site optimization and page load speed. HostingRaja dedicated servers are optimized for all the clients, so the web pages will load faster.

Below is the video on Using the varnish cache in ACP:


Steps to use varnish cache in Web Hosting Manager:


Step-1: Log in to the ACP panel.


Step-2: Click on Varnish cache.



Step-3: You will be able to enable or disable varnish by clicking "On" or "Off".



Step-4: You can give the interval and timeout in seconds for the varnish to run.


Give the window and threshold values.



Step-6: Click on the submit and the varnish cache will be successfully updated.


For more information on using the Varnish cache in ACP (Web Hosting Manager) - Dedicated/VPS/Cloud Servers, You can contact our support team through live chat, phone call, email, ticket system or toll-free no 1800-123-8642. HostingRaja support team is available 24/7 to solve all your issues.