Checking server information using ACP


The dedicated server offers full access to server resources like CPU, Memory, Disk Space and it is dedicated to only one client. The dedicated server is been provided to only one user, which means one owner or administrator will have the control to the entire server and its resources. Dedicated servers are deployed, in several cases, in a matter of minutes or hours. A dedicated server offers you with a power to scale your systems as you develop your business, and also provides complex online services and manage your systems and data.

Below is the video on checking the server information in ACP:




Steps to check server information in Web Hosting Manager:


Step-1: Login to your ACP panel.


Step-2: Go to server admin and choose the server information.



Step-3: And you can also click on server information directly.



Step-4: The entire server information will be displayed, like the below-mentioned screenshot.

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