OVIPanel Mail Queue Management

 OVIPanel mail queue management helps to show the mails either entering in the mailbox or going out of the mailbox.it helps to know the status of the mails moving either of the ways.

From this module you can delete the mails in the queue, which are making huge traffic or are not so important.

The use interface of the mail queue management is as shown below


As shown in the above image the mail is listed under the list

Via mail Queue Management we can view the current mails in the queue and we have the privilege to delete them.

Deferred mails

Deferred mails are those which are failed to reach the destination and are still in queue.

These mails create huge traffic in the mail queue and reduces the speed of mail queue management.

The OVIPanel has come up with an option to delete those mails in particular.

The panel even gives the option to delete those mails which are not so necessary.

You will have the option to delete the mails by selecting them at a time.

All the mails in the list starts with a check box.you can use this while performing the different operations.

Once you click on the check box of number of mails in the queue, by clicking on the above button the selected mails will be deleted.3.jpg


When you click on the above button all the deferred mails will be deleted from the queue.


This button will delete all the mails in the queue.


This button is followed by the particular mail in the queue.When you click on view it shows the entire details of the queue.as shown in the below image



When you click on delete it deletes the particular mail in the queue.


This way the mail queue management facilitates the user to take the front end action on the mails in queue.