How to enable port number in ACP Panel?


Today, if you look around a lot of people, are using the website and web hosting services. And the reason behind it is that if you are having a website then you can easily showcase your business products and services to the people around you and also to the people across the globe. But today if you are already having a website and now if you are looking for information on how to enable the port number in ACP panel there is the complete information on it.


Follow the below steps to enable the port number in ACP panel:


1. Log in to your ACP


2. Go to Security


3. Click on CSF



4. Now in there, it will open in https format, so you need to copy the link which is displayed on your screen and paste URL it in the new tab and click on enter



5. Now in the new tab, it will ask your permission so you need to click on Proceed. And there it will ask for username and password.



6. Next you need to go back to your ACP page and refresh the CSF page. Now you will find all the options there



7. Now go to csf - ConfigServer Firewall option click on Firewall configuration



8. In Firewall configuration option go to IPv4 Port Settings and there you will find TCP_IN and TCP_OUT option add the port numbers



9. At last click on Change