OviPanel Log Viewer

Log Viewer is a powerful module to monitor Apache log files. If you are facing any problems after you Buy Web Space, want to check what apache is doing, log files play very important role in providing the detailed report of problems and activities that the server encounters.

Apache uses two types of log files: (You have this option available only on Linux VPS Hosting Plans)

1. Access logs

2. Error logs

Access Logs:

Apache uses the access log files to record information about every visitor who is visiting your site. You can also see which files visitors have viewed, how the web server responds to request, and other information such as the web browsers visitors use.

For Example, when someone visits your website, a log is recorded and stored to provide the Apache web server administrator with information such as the IP address of the visitor, what pages they were viewing, status codes, browser used, etc.

Error Logs:

The Error log is a most important log file which alerts us about the errors that the web server encountered when processing the requests, such as files doesn't exist, configuration problem and so on. It also contains details of what went wrong and how to fix it.

Advantages of Log Files:

1.  Access log will help to lead to higher rankings and more traffic to the website by getting visitors statistics.

2. The Error log will reduce the time for fixing the errors which encountered by providing the error details.


Steps to view the logs:

Step1: Select the domain from the dropdown menu.

Step2: Select log type from the dropdown menu and click on view logs.

Step3: Once view log is pressed you will see the log details.

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