How to use Mail queue management

Mail queue management will help you to manage your mail.We are using Postfix in Mail queue management .There are two type of queues within Postfix: pending and differed. The pending queue includes all messages that have been submitted to postfix which have not yet been sent out and handed off to the recipient server. The deferred mail queue holds all messages that have soft-failed and need to be retired (temporary failure). Postfix will retry sending the deferred queue on set intervals (this is configurable, but is set to 5 minutes as a default).

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1. Login to ACP OVIPanel and click on Mail queue management


2. It will show you all the messages which are not delivered due to wrong email id or many messages to together. In this image the messages are not there but it you get any mail queue than it will be in this.

3. Each Message lists its size and time spent in the queue

4. Delete a message or Deliver now with these two links. If the original delivery problem still exist then you probably will still not be able to send the message.

5. Attempt to deliver all message in Queue clicking on this you can also attempt to deliver all message in the Queue with the link.

6. When you click on each message you will see detailed information about the message and its headers.

7. You can also view the message which is written.

8. You can click on delivery mesage now to attempt delivery again.

9. as you can see, a failure message has appeared in the log. This destination hostname could be resolved the message still could not be sent.

10. Click on return to the mail Queue

11. The mail message is no longer in the queue , but it has been replaced with a new error email to the sender.

12. When all message in Queue - When all mail fails, click on delete all message in queue.

13. Confirm by clicking on delete all

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