How to set the mail alias in Linux Dedicated server?


Today email play as an important mode of communication in all the business sector. And the reason why people give much importance to email is that- they can easily get connected with client and customers so that helps them to understand the behavior of their customers towards to products and services. Not only that using the email service will help your business to grow and you can also do marketing and promote your service and products to the people.


At present if you are handling a website with high web traffic then using dedicated server is one of the best solutions to overcome uptime and website load issue. By using a dedicated server for your website gives you more advantages and help you in managing your website easily. And when you buy a dedicated server hosting for your website you will be provided with root access to your server. And with the help of that root access, you can easily make any changes in your server as per your requirements. But today if you are using a dedicated and if you are looking for information on how to set the mail alias in your Linux dedicated server- then here is the solution.


Follow the below steps to set the mail alias in Linux Dedicated server:


>> Login to your UCP/ OVIPanel


>> Go to Aliases



>> In Create a new Alias give your preferred alias name


>> Choose the domain name and mailbox Destination


>> Click on create



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