Steps to create an Addon Domain in the OVIPanel




Step-1: Log in to the HR  panel


Step-2 Navigate to the Domains menu section


Step-3: And then click on the Addon Domains



Step-4: then Create the new domain


Step-5: Now you need to enter the Domain name and the Home directory. And in here you can create your own Home directory or if you have any existing directory you can give the file name of that directory in "Use existing home directory" option.


Step-6: Next, you need to choose the Home directory as per your requirements, If you want to have a new directory then you can click on the Create a new home directory option or can also use an existing home directory for your new add-on domain name.



You can even use Manual Config where you can set the path of your directory that has to be displayed on your site.




Once you click on create option it will take some time to propagate. And if you want to edit your domain home directory you can even do that by clicking on edit option in Current domains. Not only that you can also delete that particular domain by clicking on Delete option.