Domain Forwarder


Domain Forwarder is the simplest way to forward your domain name to another website or URL. When you are forwarding your domain to another URL, you are redirecting visitors to your domain to another URL/website.This will reduce your time by creating an extra script under .htaccess file and also When a domain is set to forward visitors to another website, the domain's name does not stay in the web browser's URL bar. This is appliable for VPS Hosting customers of HostingRaja, Or If you are using HR panel, then it is also applicable. 

Some webmasters who are new to search engine optimization would simply buy a new domain name and transfer their site's pages to the new site. If the search engines have already indexed the pages on the old site, the new site will be hit with a duplicate content penalty and rank poorly after the files have been transferred over. To avoid this dire situation, you can use domain forwarding within your OVIPanel.

Here is the Video on How to forward Domain in OVIPanel:




when you have registered a number of similar domain names but you want to have the same website for all domain names. Let's say your main site/domain name is MYSITE.COM. Your strategy may also be to register the names:




and have all these names go to your MYSITE.COM website. This theory assumes that your MAIN domain name might not be remembered correctly so you might as well get hits for all the domain names.

When using domain name forwarding, the address of the site that your domain name is forwarded to is NOT shown. For instance, if you have the domain name MYNEWSITE.COM forwarded to MYSITE.COM, the web browser will NOT show references to MYSITE.COM.

Steps to forward a domain:


Step1: Select forward type from the drop-down list Permanent 301 or Temporary 302.


Step2: Select the forward domain or subdomain which you wanted to configure for forwarder from the drop-down menu.

In the To part select the domain name to which you need to forward and by default forward domain with www. is set, if you don't want the forward domain with www you can uncheck it and click on create.

Note: While choosing the domain name you need to make sure to use https:// or http://

Once Create button is pressed you can see Once Create button is pressed you can see the forwarded domain details.Once Create button is pressed you can see the forwarded domain details.the forwarded domain details.



When you wish to cancel the forwarder function simply click on delete.It will ask for the confirmation for the same.once you confirm it, it will be deleted. VPS Offers at attractive prices