DNS Zone Editor


Step1: Select the domain name from the Drop-down and click on Edit.


Step2: Now you will be able to see DNS Types like A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRF, SPF, NS. Select appropriate type

Step 3: Click on Add New Record and fill the details and click on Save changes that are present at the top. Kindly follow the same steps for other DNS Types. The syntax of each type is mentioned in the above examples.

For adding  CNAME >> select Cname >> enter the hostname, TTL and target and click on save

For adding MX >> select hostname >> enter the hostname, TTL, priority, target and click on save.

For adding TXT record >> select TXT >> enter the hostname, TTL and Target and save changes

For adding NS record (nameserver record) >> select NS >> enter the nameserver details like hostname, TTL, target and click on save




>> Any DNS record which is been updated will take 24-48 hours to reflect globally

>>You can check, if the record is updated correctly using the website :