Adding AAAA Record under Linux 


AAAA records are much similar to the A Record, difference is just it store 128-bit Internet Protocol version 6 addresses that do not fit the standard A-record format.


It also indicates that the IPv6 address is four times the size of the IPv4 address. Since the IPv6 addresses which are stored in this type of records i.e AAAA will contain hexadecimal numbers separated by colons (:) at every segment, which contains four digits.


The order in which AAAA RRs are defined is not significant but it may be easier to define them in either an ascending or descending order of IP address since this can prevent unintentional duplicate definitions.

Use the below steps to add this AAAA Record in a quicker way:


  1. First you need to Login to our ACP Panel.


  1. Under List Account Select appropriate user and click on login.



  1. Go to DNS Zone Editor module select the domain name from the drop down and click on Edit.



  1. Now you will be able to see DNS Types like A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT. Select AAAA and click on Add New Record and fill the details and click on Save changes which is present in the top.


Host Name :  Enter the proper  domain name for the which is linking to this



Target : Enter 128 bit address.


TTL : Enter the time period for server to cache the informations.


Example of AAAA Record with Syntax:

linux aaaa 3ffe:1900:4545:2:02d0:09ff:fef7:6d2c


Note: Once it is done login to root access in the command prompt and type " service named restart ". It will take some time to get propagated.