Mysql User

Once you created your database you need to take precautions in securing your data and managing the users who have access to this data by using Mysql User Module. You don't want to give root access to every user, which gives each user complete control of your server. Instead, root access is restricted to very few people, and then each additional user has its own unique permissions means You may have database administrators of different levels. You might want to give access to one database to one administrator, and then give access to a second database to a different administrator. You might want to make your security more granular and only give certain users access to specific tables.

Steps to create User for a particular database:

Step1: Enter username without any special characters and select a particular Database from the drop-down menu.

Step2: Select the Remote Access you want to give for a particular user i.e Allow from localhost IP or Only from single IP. If you select single IP then you need to enter the IP.

Step3: Once you fill all these data click on Create and now you will be able to see the Mysql users details with access, database, and password.

Note: The password is created automatically and you can change it by clicking on Edit.


If you want to change the password or need to add or remove database you can manage it here. The password should be written manually or by clicking on Generate Password. The password should consist of 9 digits with at least 1 number, 1 Uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 special character.


If you need to cancel the user just click on the delete. It will request the approval for the same. After the confirmation, it will be deleted.


 Here is the information on how to access phpMyAdmin in OVIPanel:


>>>> First you need to login to your OVIPanel


>>>> Next go to Database and click on phpMyAdmin



>>>> Now in here you will find an option named "launch phpMyAdmin"



>>>> And now your phpMyAdmin will be opened