How to use Remote MYSQL of OVIPanel?


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Here is the Video on How to use Remote MYSQL of OVIPanel:





Remote MYSQL is one of the best tools where it helps you to get your database which is stored on your server. And you can access to your database which is stored on your server from other servers. So to access to your database all you need to have is of your username, database name, and its password.


Follow the below steps to  use Remote MYSQL of OVIPanel v2.3:


>>> Log in to your OVIPanel


>>>  Go to Databases


>>>  Now click on Remote MYSQL



>>> Enter the IP in Add Access Host option


>>> Click on create



Now your remote MySQL will be created

And if you want to Manage Access Hosts or delete the host you can easily do it. So do go to Manage Access Hosts >>> Click on delete, and that IP will be deleted.


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