How to create new database on Linux Machine?


A database is an application that designed to store data. The approach to the databases is made available by single or various different APIs for captivating, creating, administering the databases and their relevant values.

For Linux based dedicated server we provide MySQL database. MySQL is an open source relational database management system designed to store data. It is one of the best relational database management solution that is used to develop and create numerous of web based applications. At Hosting Raja we provide our users with MYSQL database with our all Linux Dedicated Servers. With our Linux dedicated Website hosting packages we provide OVIPanel to manage hosting account easily and more securely.

Steps to create database in OVIPanel for Linux Dedicated Server.

There are few steps you need to follow while creating a database on your Linux Dedicated server and those steps are listed below:

  • Login to your secured Dedicated Server account by typing your IP address and port number (YOURIP:2086) in the browser.

  • Enter your username and password in the next box.


  • You will be redirected to the main page of OVIPanel.

  • Click “Manage Clients



  • Choose the account you want to create database and click Login button.



  • Locate to DB in left side menu / or search mysql database in the top search bar and click MySQL databases


  • In the Create a new MySQL® database field, enter Database name you want to create.


  • Then click Create button.


You will see a message stating “Changes to your databases have been saved successfully!”

Assign a user to access your database

Note: You cannot access your database without assigning username to it.

Steps to create username for your database:

  • Go back to main screen of your OVIPanel of your Linux Dedicated server
  • Locate to DB in left side menu / or search mysql users in the top search bar and click MySQL Users.


  • Enter desired username in the username field and Map Database from Drop down.

Click Create button.

Once you click create button, your database username will be created and password will be created automatically. If you want you can the password by editing your database user.


Need more help in creating database for your Linux Dedicated server! Feel free to contact our support team today, We will be more than happy to help you.