Date : 14th October 2019

OVIPanel 3.5

In this version, We have fixed a lot of bugs and we have given the below features too.


1. Cloud Linux Support

2. Security Log

Date : 16th Sep 2019

OVIPanel 3.4


1. Jail-shell Implementation

2. User-friendly UI

Date : 17th Aug 2019

OVIPanel 3.3 Beta Release Note: 

1. Support of SuPHP
2. Terminal Access for SSH, You can ssh from the browser
3. MongoDB Version 4.0 Support
4. WHM-Migration (One click migration from WHM / cPanel) [ WHM & cPanel is a registered trademark of cPanel, Inc. Refer more about ]
5. Integration with WHMCS billing software.

Fixed Bugs:

1. Multiple domain SSL - Bug fixed
2. ACP (Admin Control Panel) session timeout issue resolved
3. Backup & Restore performance Imporved
4. Email forwarder without Email account also creating now.
5. Multiple file upload at a time in FileManger
6. Auto SSL/TLS installation
7. Web Server switcing issue (Apache to nginx, Nginx to apache)
8. Outlook configuration with SSL/TLS for mail.domainname
9. Imporved Performance from Bandwidth calculation
10. Disable and suspend Page issue on Account creation time.
11. Main domain directory change
12. OpenBase directory Issue resolved
13. WordPress Password reset issue resolved
14. MongoDB Blank Page Issue
15. Wordpress Blocking Issue for All IP
16. After logout FileManger Working Issue resolved
17. File Permission issue resolved now files are 644 and directories are 755
18. Sub Domain creating with wrong directory path corrected.
19. Mod-Security On Off issue fixed
20. Cron log file not write issue resolved.
21. Email for Corn showing token issue fixed.
22. Outgoing Email count issue resolved.
23. DKIM & SPF Recored showing on Authentication
24. Email Spam Checker Blank Page issue resolved.
25. After removing the Email Account filter still it's blocking issue resolved.
26. FTP creating files permission with 777 reolved.
27. PHPExecution notworking on user based.
28. Remote MYSQL User delete showing Blank Page Resolved.
29. After Hostname Change Email not working with SSL/TLS resolved.


We kindly request you to go through the following link to get start. (Getting started with ucp/User Control Panel) (Getting started with acp/Admin Control Panel)


Welcome to OviPanel first public release version 3.3 beta.
We have been busy developing this control panel for more than 2.5 years, We are releasing the first public version 3.3 beta.