Release Notes


Date : 22nd Nov 2021

OVIPanel 4.3

In this version, We have implemented the below features and done a lot of security tightening 


1. Immunify 360 support 

2. Domain to Port mapping 

3. Auto SSL option 

4. Installation scripts DotNET, Jenkins, Docker, Elastic Search

5. Maria DB support

Fixed Bugs:

1. Large files taking more time to download 


Date : 14th July 2021

OVIPanel 4.2

In this version, We have implemented the below features.


1. UI for python module Installation 

2. Below mentioned Nodejs package one-click installation and Deployment  

a) Angular Js

b) Express Js

c) Next Js

d) Next Js with typescript

e) Node Js

f) React Js

g) Vue Js


Date : 24th May 2021

OVIPanel 4.1

In this version, We have fixed some bugs and we have given the below features too.


1. Implemented Litespeed Web server on centos 8 too.

2. Postgresql upgraded to the latest version.

3. Weebly site delete option provided.

4. Managed SSH key delete option provided.

5. SSL installation log display, implemented in SSL module.

Fixed Bugs:

1. Filemanager multiple file or folder compress not working.

2. Ucp user and MySQL user length assigned different so users creating was different.

3. Virusscanner last scan report was not showing properly.

4. Error not displaying when entered wrong username and captcha.

5. SSL view certificate not displaying in ssl module.

6. In filemanager Go To Prev and Back button was not working properly.

7. Without pointing domain if we enable softaculas, it was showing some installations in it.

8. Apache was restarting simply if we enable/disable MySQL error logs.


Date : 31st March 2021

OVIPanel 4.0

In this version, We have fixed some bugs and we have given the below features too.


1. Implemented Multithreading instead of previously used multi processing. Now control panel consumes less RAM due to multi-threading.

2. Redirect control panel to secure(https) portal

3. Optimised the Apache and Nginx configuration, It used to take few minutes to rewrite the complete config files, now optimized to do it in few seconds.

4. New version supports PHP 8.0.

5. Java 11 Support

6. Log for all login IP

7. Roundcube current stable version 1.4.10

8. Default PHP Version Module

9. Add IP To Access Ovipanel

Fixed Bugs:


1. When deleting the user, CSR files associated with it were not deleting. - Fixed

2. Openlitespeed dashboard not opening in centos 7

3. Uninstall SSL for all the domains in the server - was not working.

4. Apache Error and Access Log not showing in the panel

5. Cron Edit operation working fine but showing a wrong alert message

6. PHP modules not added in PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.0

7. RDNS and Hostname 'A' record message warning showing always.

8. If we update the log file/parameters or cron script file of cron it is not showing a success message

9. As default log files enabled in the Nginx domain configuration, It should be work based on apache / Nginx error log enable

10. Apache browser not showing temp URL

11. Filemanger can delete more number files now

12. Email configuration with mail.domainname

13. SSL/TLS automatically disable and not update the SSL also

14. CSF sending a lot of mail to [email protected]

15. After the account suspend still remote MySQL is working

16. Redirect All Emails Modules if we added the mail it was listed in aliases

17. Filemanager unwanted dialogue box open when downloading the zip file 

Date : 7th December 2020

OVIPanel 3.9

In this version, We have fixed a lot of bugs and we have given the below features too.


Centos 8 - terminal implementation

Litespeed with PHP Multiple version

Email limit per Day implementation based on the Date

Supports postgresql,MongoDB new version

Fixed Bugs:
Litespeed recreation of domain not working properly

SSL Delete not working

Renewal of SSL does not happen sometime


Date : 2nd July 2020

OVIPanel 3.8

In this version, We have fixed a lot of bugs and we have given the below features too.


1. CentOs 8 Support - Centos8 is at least 25% faster than centos 7.
2. NextCloud & Only office - Integration in beta.
3. Litespeed Web server support on centos 7 ( Not supported in centos 8)
4. Nginx Web server support with Multiple PHP version support
5. Mod_security in nginx server
6. Two Factor authentication using Email OTP
7. Secure Upload & secure website in Nginx & Litespeed
8. Nodejs 14.5 support
9. We are providing openlitespeed dashboard and also option to clear the openLitespeed domain cache(centos 7).
10. PHP configuration Editor in nginx
11. Varnish Cache - Improved.
12. SSL supporting in nginx webserver
13. CloudLinux, Jailshell, Python, tomcat supported in Centos 8 & 7.
14. mongodb and postgresql upgraded to latest version
15. Oneclick django & Flask framework
16. ThirdParty SSL Support

Date : 19th February 2020

OVIPanel 3.7

In this version, We have fixed a lot of bugs and we have given the below features too.


1. Python support

2. Node js Support 

Date : 14th October 2019

OVIPanel 3.5

In this version, We have fixed a lot of bugs and we have given the below features too.


1. Cloud Linux Support

2. Security Log

Date : 16th Sep 2019

OVIPanel 3.4


1. Jail-shell Implementation

2. User-friendly UI

Date : 17th Aug 2019

OVIPanel 3.3 Beta Release Note: 

1. Support of SuPHP
2. Terminal Access for SSH, You can ssh from the browser
3. MongoDB Version 4.0 Support
4. WHM-Migration (One click migration from WHM / cPanel) [ WHM & cPanel is a registered trademark of cPanel, Inc. Refer more about ]
5. Integration with WHMCS billing software.

Fixed Bugs:

1. Multiple domain SSL - Bug fixed
2. ACP (Admin Control Panel) session timeout issue resolved
3. Backup & Restore performance Imporved
4. Email forwarder without Email account also creating now.
5. Multiple file upload at a time in FileManger
6. Auto SSL/TLS installation
7. Web Server switcing issue (Apache to nginx, Nginx to apache)
8. Outlook configuration with SSL/TLS for mail.domainname
9. Imporved Performance from Bandwidth calculation
10. Disable and suspend Page issue on Account creation time.
11. Main domain directory change
12. OpenBase directory Issue resolved
13. WordPress Password reset issue resolved
14. MongoDB Blank Page Issue
15. Wordpress Blocking Issue for All IP
16. After logout FileManger Working Issue resolved
17. File Permission issue resolved now files are 644 and directories are 755
18. Sub Domain creating with wrong directory path corrected.
19. Mod-Security On Off issue fixed
20. Cron log file not write issue resolved.
21. Email for Corn showing token issue fixed.
22. Outgoing Email count issue resolved.
23. DKIM & SPF Recored showing on Authentication
24. Email Spam Checker Blank Page issue resolved.
25. After removing the Email Account filter still it's blocking issue resolved.
26. FTP creating files permission with 777 reolved.
27. PHPExecution notworking on user based.
28. Remote MYSQL User delete showing Blank Page Resolved.
29. After Hostname Change Email not working with SSL/TLS resolved.


Welcome to OviPanel first public release version 3.3 beta.
We have been busy developing this control panel for more than 2.5 years, We are releasing the first public version 3.3 beta.