A client needs to install the SSL Certificate in his machine


When you have SSL installed on your server its like you are being listed under the secured website. It gains you the reputation for your security aspects and helps you earn maximum outcome for this.


There are different types of SSL that you can install on your server. Installation of the SSL certificate is a tricky job and needs well amount of technical knowledge. HostingRaja has made it easy with simple one click installation. You just need to select the domain name for which you need to install the SSL and it will  be installed within minutes.


Whenever client asks you to install the SSL certificate on the server. Please follow the steps.


  1. Check for the said domain as it has been installed with the SSL before.?

  2. If yes take the SSL certificate files and upload them on our server.

  3. If the SSL has to be installed newly on the server follow the said steps.

  4. Login into OVIPanel and log into the said control panel.

  5. Click on the SSL certificate.

  6. Select your domain.


  1. Click on create.

  2. The installation step may take some time.

  3. After 5 minutes refresh the page.

  4. The SSL certificate will be installed on the server.

  5. Verify the same with the URL.


Once the SSL certificate is installed kindly restart the server and you can check for the https at URL. HostingRaja provide the SSL certificate at free of cost with certain plans. To know more navigate to hostingraja.in