How to create crt certificate in ovipanel

What is ssl crt ?

CRT files are used to verify a secure website's authenticity.

CRT files allow a web browser to connect securely using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol.

Step 1: While setting up a SSL certificate, a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) must be generated to pass information between the Certificate Authority and web host.

Log in to your OVIPanel and search SSL CRT in search Box

Step 2 : Click on SSL CRT

Once generated the CSR we need to configured with your ssl provider to generate CRT certificate

Go to your SSL provider products:

Take crt certificate

Upload a New Certificate

This module is helpful to install a SSL certification from third party CRT.

Enter description

Click to save

Step 3 : Click to save

Your domain SSL CRT successfully saved

This certificate is then applied to the host and installed - which completes the setup and makes the SSL and HTTPS start working.