Changing the PHP configuration editor


Today if you are into technology then you will have some information on a famous operating system(OS) that is available in the web hosting. And those two famous OS are Linux and Windows. And today most of the people like to choose Linux operating system for their website the reason behind it is that in Linux OS you can easily manage your website and Linux hosting is comparatively available at less price. And if you are looking for go with a dedicated server for your website then choosing the Linux OS will be the best option. And today, if you are using Linux Dedicated server and looking for information on Changing the PHP configuration editor then here, is the complete information. 

For any version of PHP you use in the Linux Dedicated Hosting Server you will need to configure it to meet your specific requirement. This can be achieved in two ways. One with the front end and other with the ssh access.

The PHP configuration editor will have the various values like file uploads, max_execution time, max_input_time, memory_limit, upload_max_filesize and more.

A client wanted to restrict the upload max size to 300. How it has to be set is as shown in the procedure below. 

  • Login to the OVIPanel.

  • Login to the particular control panel.

  • Click on PHP configuration editor listed under server admin.



  • Set the upload max size to 300.



  • Click on change.

  • The demon.php is set in cron to run after every 5 minutes. The changes will take place with the next 5 minutes.


The other way to do this is by logging into the server. Change the values in php.ini and run.

The command immediately to see the changes. If not allow the cron to do the job for you in Next 5 minutes.

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