Virtual Host - How to use CSF in Virtual Machine

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It is used for a command link. It is used to maintain firewalls. It is a front end module of IP Tables. CSF is nothing but Configure Server Security and Firewalls.


To help with the ease and flexibility of the suite we have developed a front-end to both csf and lfd which is accessible by the root account through UCP, DirectAdmin and Webmin. From there you can modify the configuration files and stop, start and restart the applications and check their status. This makes configuring and managing the firewall very simple indeed.


If you want to use this you should know coding or else you can follow the fooling steps:

1. Go to google chrome and type http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS:8088/ than it will take you to ConfigServer Security & Firewall page.

2. Then copy the link and paste it on top where we put the link in APC of OVIPanel - CSF.


3. Than it will show you the exert CSF in that



4. It shows the Firewall Status: Enabled and Running



5. You can do many config using that which comes under Server information, Config Server Firewall, Login Failure Daemon and other. They can config Watch system Logs, Search IP, View System Statistics, Upgrade csf, Quick Unblock, Firewall Disable, Temporary IP Entries, Search IP, Ifd Restart, IFD Dynamic DNS, Test iptables etc.


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