How to scan malware & other malicious threats

A virus scanner can either search all executables when a system is booted or scan a file only when a change is made to the file as viruses will change the data in a file. It is also possible to scan complete mails along with attachments which is recieved.

It will help you do detect infected websites and clean the infection, however securing the compromised user or website is still necessary to avoid re-infection.

If your website got infected with virus then it may results in malfunctioning of some features of your site. Moreover it will affect entire server which may stop all the services currently running on the server.

So we have introduced with virus scanner in OVIPanel to scan mail and your home directory.

Steps to scan malwares and malicious threats in dedicated server:

  1. First you need to Login to our ACP Panel.

  1. Under List Account Select appropriate user and click on login.

  1. Now you need to go to Virus Scanner Module which is present under Security ?section.

  1. Once any one of the option gets checked and clicked on scan now, you will be able to see the last log report.

Now Click on the check log link for the report.