DNS stands for domain name system, DNS translates the Domain names into the IP address which is used by the browser to fetch the website that is requested. DNS config is used to your own DNS setting, in other words, it can be customized according to as per your needs.

What is the use of configuring DNS config?

DNS config is used to configure the DNS as per our need, We can customize certain features like Allow custom IP, Allow Zone Transfers, Allowed record types, bind log, bind service name, stop service, start service and bind reload, and view errors, view logs and view warnings and clear errors, clear logs and clear warning and you can also reset all records to default when needed


Follow the below steps to create DNS Config

Step 1:  First Login into your ACP panel and search and click on DNS config

Step 2: Configure your DNS settings: There are four tabs, go according to the four tabs and configure your DNS Settings

Step 3: After you have configured the DNS setting click on save changes to save changes which you have made.

Features which can be configured in  Configure your DNS Settings are

In the general tab

Allow Custom IP =>this allows users to change IP settings in A records and when it set false Ip will be locked to server IP setting

Allow Zone transfers => this restrict Zone transfer in setting

Allowed Record Types => types of records which are allowed is separated by space

Bind Log => path and name of the bind log

Named CheckConfig, Named checkZone, Named CompileZone =>path to named-checkconf, named-checkzone , named-compilezone bind utility

named Config => named configuration file

named directory => path to the directory where named conf is stored

the path to BIND root => path to the root directory where BIND is installed

SOA Expire TTL & SOA Minimum TTL =>> global expire and minimum TTL by default the value will 86400(1 day)

SOA Refresh TTL=> GLobal refresh TTL, the default value is 21600(6 hours)

SOA Retry TTL => GLobal retry TTL, default value is 3600(1 hour)

ZOne directory => it is the path where DNS Zone files are stored

In the Tools tab

Reset records to default on single Domain=> you can select the domain name for which you need reset the default

add default records to missing domains => you can add the default records to the missing domains

delete record type from all records => you can select a type of record which should be deleted from all records

purge deleted Zone records from the database

Delete all ZOne transfers => to delete all Zone transfer

Force records update on next daemon Run

In the services tab

start service => to start the service

stop service => to stop the service

Reload bind => to reload the binds

Service port status => here you can view the status of the service port

In the Logs tab

The log file is not Readable => you can set permission for the log file

clear error => to clear error from the log

clear warning => clear the warnings

clear logs => to clear the log

view Errors, view warnings and view logs => to view Errors warning and logs

If you are facing any issue or if you have any clarification when creating the DNS Config in ACP,  you can contact our support team via live chat, email, toll-free or ticket system and our support team is available 24/7 they will be happy to help you with your issue.