How to Create and Manage Groups in Web Host Manager?

ACP(Admin Control Panel) offers the administrative control of the Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated servers. Basically, Web Host Manager is used to manage hosting features, creating individual accounts, adding domains to the server, to perform basic operations and to maintain the control panel. Using OVIPanel you will be able to manage the particular domains or hosting accounts on the server. End users will be able to control each and everything from adding and removing the email accounts to administer the MySQL databases.

Web Host Manager provides you with good control and flexibility especially during the time of managing the very popular websites, or the huge number of websites. And also provides you the ability for selling the hosting services to different people. Web Host Manager also offers you the opportunity for creating and managing the multiple OVIPanels. There are numerous reasons if you are running a business related or big websites, to manage them on individual OVIPanel. Web Host Manager comes with numerous other benefits too.

Steps to manage groups in OVIPanel-ACP panel:

Step-1: Login to your OVIPanel-ACP panel and click on “Manage group” option.

Step-2: Create a new user group.

Step-3: Enter the group name and description.

Note: Once you have created, you will be able to edit or delete the user group.

Below is the video tutorial on creating and managing groups in Web Host Manager:


Benefits of using Web Host Manager:

1) You can manage and monitor the websites like resetting the password.

2) You will be given access to check the status and information of the server.

3) Will have the ability to configure your clients support requests with the help of the OVIPanel.

4) You will be getting access for customizing the hosting and control panel through huge branding.

5) Will have access to modify the customer's usernames and domain names.

6) Have the capability of creating the own default page while creating a new account.

7) Can create, delete, and suspend the OVIPanel accounts and also capable of checking and doing change in all domains DNS zones.