How to check the Mail Queue in - OVIPanel?

Mail Queue is the latest method of sending and keeping a track of emails. Mail queue will be storing each email sent by you and it is also been recorded whether it is success or failure. You can queue up unsent mail and examine the mail generated by your ACP. If the receiving mail server returns there will be a temporary SMTP response code. Mails in the delayed queue are removed periodically until the timeout is reached. The action such as queued for delivery indicated that the mail is already in HES (Hosted Email Security) outbound MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) but for few purposes, will not be accepted by the receiving mail server because of the temporary error.

The mail tracking details represent the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) level logs and give the data on what happens to an email when it is being delivered from one HES MTA server to a different server. The error messages displayed are straight away taken from the MTA logs. There will be no changes to the error messages and the SMTP response codes are modified by the service. HES Support Admin accounts will be displaying more elaborated mail tracking data which has been deployed to the HES production website. Mail tracking details will be available for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

Below is the video tutorial on checking the Mail Queue in ACP:


Steps to check the Mail Queue management in your OVIPanel-ACP panel:

Step-1: Log in to your ACP panel

Step-2: Click on the mail queue management

Step-3: It will display the details of mail in the queue