How can I Assign Domain-IP in my OVIPanel?


Having a website for a business is one of the best options where you can easily showcase your business products and services to the people around you and also for the people across the globe. And today there are a lot of hosting platforms are available and all you need to do is that just choose the right hosting for your website. And today if you are using web hosting services for your business and now if you are looking for information on how to assign domain IP in OVIPanel then here is the complete information on that.


Today most of the people will look for better customization of their website and when you buy a web hosting service you will be provided with an IP. And today most of the people will log in to their control panel via IP address so with the help of assign domain IP you can easily set a particular domain name for that IP, so when you enter that IP address on your search bar it will take you to that domain which you have allotted.


Follow the below steps to assign domain IP on your OVIPanel:


>>> Log in to your ACP


>>> Go to Server Admin


>>> Click on Assign Domain-IP



>>> Select the domain name for which you allocate that IP


>>> Then click on Assign