OVIPanel Client Notice Manager

OVIPanel client notice manager is a small function but plays a vital role in the panel. When the administrator of the panel wants to convey some message to the client hosted on cloud hosting server or VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting.

He can simply use the client notice manager and type the required message and post.

The message will be posted on the control panel of the each of his clients.

The interface of the client notice manager will be as below


To use the client notice manger just type the message at the given area and click on save changes.


Once you click it will be displayed on all the ucps including the ACP panel.

This image shows the message displayed for the username demodomain.


The same way we can see that the message has been displayed for the username panel hostingra as well.


When you want to discard the message just delete it from the panel and click on save the message will be deleted from all the panels.
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