How can host multiple websites under OVIPanel

At present websites play an important role in every business. Because the website is one of the important modes where you can get connected to the people across the globe.A well-known business will have a good domain name as well to get a reliable online presence on the internet s. As it can play a very necessary role in making a companies brand name mentioned not only in a specific country or area but also worldwide.

The importance of having a domain:   

>>Choosing an appropriate right domain is an important  as it is your Unique and uncommon identity on the web, Even if you don't have a unique business name you can yet  have a unique domain and it doesn't need to be similarly as your business name you can pick a different name or name which is unique and uncommon

>> This domain name will help you to advertise your work or product to the people on the internet and which would help you get recognition and you can also get customers through all over the world. It is better to showcase the work on social media since Google prioritizes websites across social profiles in its results.     

Choosing a domain name is a challenging task.Some of the important things  you should remember when you are selecting a domain name for business:       

>>  The domain name which you pick should be easy to remember

>> It is not recommended to use hyphens or colons in the domain name

>> Avoid using very long domain names for your  business

>> Gather Information about cheap and best domain services which help you purchase the domain name at the right cost

And today if you are handling a website and you are thinking of adding one more website under the main website, then you no need to worry about it. You can easily add multiple websites by using our OVIPanel. To host multiple websites under OVIPanel follow the below steps.

If you want to host multiple (or create separate ucp) website under OVIPanel so you need to follow below steps

  1.  You have to create the package as per your client requirement.
  2.  Once the package has been created after that you can create ucp


How can you create Package in Dedicated Server

Step 1: Login to ACP your account.

Step 2: Once you will log in to ACP you will get Package Manager option.

Step 3: Once you will click on Package manager=>you can see Create a new package from there you have to fill all the data according to your client requirement.



Step 4: Once it will be done click on the Save button. The package will be saved and created.


Once Package has been created you have to create UCP account for that domain.

How to create UCP account in Dedicated Server

Step 1: Once you have created the Package after that click on Create account.

Step 2: Once you clicked on Create account=> After that you have to provide details. You have to mention domain name for which you want to create separate UCP, Generate the password and assign the package which you have created for this domain.


Step 3: After that click on the save button.

If you are facing any issue or if you have any clarification when creating the packages or account,  you can contact our support team via live chat, email, toll-free or ticket system and our support team is available 24/7 they will be happy to help you with your issue.


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