How to manage the clients in ACP


In today's business world a lot of people are using the website and web hosting solution. And the reason behind it is that it if you have a website for your business then you can easily showcase your business products and services to the people around your and also to the people across the globe. Not only that if you have a website for your business then there is a lot of advantages and you can also easily market your business products and also create brand awareness of your service. Moreover, you can also easily get connected with your customers and know their opinion about your business.

So today if you are using a website and web hosting solution from HostingRaja and now if you are looking for information on how to manage the clients in ACP then here is the complete information on it. In this Manage Clients tab, you can easily manage the domain/ account which belongs to your server.

What can be done using ACP?

WithACP you can perform a various range of operations and procedures, all of which can be customized according to your requirement. The complete range of benefits available is rising day by day. Below are some of the essential processes in which ACP can be used:

1) Assurance for monitoring the server information and statuses.
2) An option to customize the web hosting and your control panels.
3) Options to control and maintain your websites.
4) A default changes in the page when you generate a new account.
5) Can create, suspend and delete the UCP accounts on your server.
6) Will be able to change your client's domain names and usernames.
7) Configuration skills for offering customer support with the help of UCP.

Follow the below steps to manage the clients in ACP in a Cloud Solution:


>>>> First login to your OVIPanel


>>>> Now go to Reseller and then click on Manage Clients



>>>> Now in Manage Clients you will see two options- List Accounts and Create the new account



>>>> In List Accounts you can see the accounts that are associate you or to your server. In Create new account you can create a new account if you want.  Not only that you can also edit and delete and change the main domain.


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