Virtual Machine - User Control panel Dashboard

Nowadays everyone wants to have a website so that they can easily showcase their business products and services to the people around the world. And today if you are using a website then you be given an access to UCP. But if you are new to website and web hosting then you may not have the idea on it. So here is the information on what are the features that you get in your UCP.


In Control Panel Dashboard there are 57 module different module have different features to heal your control panel. It can be used by Admin or User or Reseller.


We provide two different types of VPS servers, One is Linux and Windows VPS server. The following features are applicable only in Linux VPS servers.


You may have Ubuntu or Centos or Redhat or any other flavour of Linux OS. But, We use the same control panel for all the Linux Virtual private servers.


It has module which are :


  • List Accounts

  • Create Account

  • Account Level Filter

  • Add IP

  • Addmime

  • Apache Config

  • Apache Module

  • Apache Status

  • Backup Config

  • Change Appearance

  • Change Password

  • Cron Manager

  • CSF

  • Database Hosting Seeting

  • DNS Config

  • Domain Forwarder

  • Email Routing

  • FAQ'S

  • FTP Config

  • List Parked Domain

  • List Subdomain

  • Log Viewer

  • Mail Config

  • Mail Log

  • Mail Queue Management

  • Manage Clients

  • Manage Groups

  • Mod http2

  • Name Server

  • Node JS

  • Package Manager

  • Password Strength Configuration

  • PHP Configuration

  • PHP Configuration Editor

  • PHP Version

  • PHP Exection Log

  • PHP Mail Log

  • PHPmodule

  • phpMyAdmin

  • phpSysInfo

  • Protected Directories

  • Secure Upload

  • Sentora Config

  • Sentora News

  • Server information

  • Server Time

  • Service Status

  • Shadowing

  • Shortcuts

  • Site Software

  • Update Contact information

  • Updates

  • Varnish Cache

  • Virus Scanner

  • Web Server

  • Webalizer Stats



By Default all the features are enabled. In some cases some of the features will only be used only when the client enter into his Control Panel such as Account level filter, Cron Manager, MySQL Database and many more. This Can be used by a non Developer also. As it is  simple to understand. It also have video inside each module. So, that people can watch the video and know to how to create or use that module. It is offered free with Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting.


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