FTP stands for file transfer protocol . It is mainly used for transferring the file from one computer to another computer. FTP account is mainly used to transfer file with the host computer using the FTP services, FTP account consists of FTP host , Username and password. It is usually linked to website or FTP server It is created by the server or network administrator to assign separate account for each user.It provides user management, identification and authorization services on an FTP server.
Some uses of FTP account:
  • FTP mainly used to transfer the files from one computer to another computer
  • FTP in a website helps  users to upload or download specific files.
  • FTP by mail allows users without access to the Internet and copy files using anonymous FTP
  • It also provides user management, identification and authorization services

If you have signed up with us for VPS hosting or Cloud hosting or dedicated server, then you can follow this guidelines. Web host manager is used in our linux platform such as Linux VPS.

Steps to configure FTP account

Step 1: Login into ACP panel

Step 2:  Click on FTP config

Step 3: Go to configure your FTP settings

Step 4: Give the path to the configuration  file if available.

Step 5: Give the ftp server database , name of php, ftp service and the path to service executable.

Step 7: click on Save to save the changes or Click on cancel to cancel the changes