OVIPanel Disk space usage

OVIPanel disk space usage module shows the information about how much space has been utilised by different things in the server.

The display for this content is as shown in the image below.


The above image shows the pie chart of how much data has been consumed by the each of the particulars.the 0 bytes indicates the limit as infinite

The particulars included are

  1. Domain

  2. Sub-Domain

  3. Parked-Domains

  4. FTP accounts

  5. MySQL databases

  6. Mailboxes

  7. Mail Forwarders

  8. Distribution lists

AS we can see in the above image the remaining free space is 29.3GB

The used contents are divided into units and are shown in the table.

Domain:There are 4 domains created and the limit allotted for it is unlimited.

Subdomain: There are 8 subdomains created and the limit allotted is unlimited.

FTP Accounts: There are 3 ftp accounts created and the max limit allotted is unlimited.

MySQL Database: MySQL databases created are 9 limit allotted is unlimited.

Mailboxes: Mailboxes created are 2 whereas the limit allotted is unlimited

 This way the disk space usage module shows the total disk used by different contents.