How to copy the files in the file manager in OVIPanel?


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And today if you are already using web hosting service from HostingRaja then you will be provided with OVIPanel and with the help of OVIPanel you can easily make any changes on your website as per your need and also allows you to handle and manage your website easily. So now if you are looking for information on how to copy the files in the file manager in OVIPanel, then here is the complete information on it.


Follow the below steps to copy the files in the file manager in OVIPanel:


>>> Log in to your OVIPanel


>>> Go to files



>>> Click on File Manager and now click on Launch file manager



>>> Now in the file manager you will see the files that you have added. So now to copy the file first you need to select the files and then click on right button on your mouse and there you will find the copy option. Or else select the files which you want to copy and on the top, you will find copy option click on that.



>>> Once after clicking on copy option, next it will ask for Destination to where you want to copy. Put the path and click on "Copy".