Getting error while connecting through FTP


If you are using websites and web hosting services for your business website then you may come across certain issues in your web hosting. And today if you find any issues with your website or in your web hosting you no need to worry about it. You can resolve your issues by yourself but still, if you are facing the same issue then you can call our customer support and we will fix your issue. And here is the information on how to resolve the error that you will get while connecting through FTP with simple and easy steps.


⇒ FTP (File transfer protocol) is used for transfer the files local system to server side.


⇒ Filezilla is application for using FTP protocol through transfer the files.


⇒ Required details to connect the FTP filezilla

     Host : Domain-name/server ip address

     User : FTP user/ucp user-name

     Password: FTP user password/ucp password

     Port : 21


⇒ Sometimes  FTP giving connection time out error, server not connecting and password is not corrected.




⇒ Kindly follow some steps to connect the FTP.


1).File -> Site Manager -> New Site

2). Enter hostname

3). In Encryption, choose Use Plain ftp

4). In Logon Type, choose Normal

5). Enter the correct username and password

6). In Transfer Settings Tab, choose Active

7). then connect it


⇒ Its Giving connection failed  error, the reason is your public ip address is blocked in server firewall due to wrong user-name and password.

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