How to enable the IP in CSF?


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CSF stands for Configserver Security And Firewall which is most commonly used in advanced firewall in Linux based servers.CSF is basically used as it simplifies managing your server’s base firewall settings. This CSF is used to detect intrusion or login, for suspicious file reporting, to block excessive connections, for SSH login notifications, for  Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) ,blocking and permitting IP addresses, and restricting access by port number. etc. 

Follow the below steps to enable the IP in CSF:

Step 1: Login to your SSH

Step 2: Insert the command " csf -a < IP Address >” in place of <IP address> insert your public IP address . Example csf -a  >> Click on enter to execute the command

Step 3: After you have executed the above command you need to restart the firewall. You can restart the firewall using csf -r

The other  csf command options:

csf -d < IP Address > --->Block an IP with CSF (replace the IP address with your public IP address)

csf -s – Start firewall rule

csf -f – Flush/stop firewall rules

csf -r – Restart firewall rules

csf -x – Disable CSF

csf -e – Enable CSF

The advantages of using CSF:

>> it has the ability to perform basic security, stability and setting check on the server

>>The server protected against brute-force login attempts with the help of LFD(login failure Daemon)

>>from the ACP panel watching and search different & important system log files

>>the listening port and their process can be viewed

The CSF configures your server's firewall to restrict access to public services and allows only select connections like checking emails, logging into FTP or loading your websites. LFD(Login Failure Daemon) is responsible for this, it observes the user activity for excessive login failures that seen during brute-force attacks and when such excessive login failures occur from the same IP address, these IP will be temporarily blocked on the server can be removed manually from CSF or it will automatically expire.CSF can also be used to whitelist or blacklist IPs in the firewall manually and also real-time monitoring in LFD for automatic IP blocks.

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