What is the use of Email Spam check on OVIPanel?


If you look around you will see a lot of business are using the website and web hosting services. And today if you have a website then you can easily showcase your business services and products. And today there are a lot of hosting platforms are available and all you need to do is that choose the right hosting plan for your website as per your requirements. So today if you are using web hosting service for your website and now if you are looking for information on how to use email spam check on your OVIPanel then here is the complete information on it.



As you know in today's business email plays an important role and it also aware that email is necessary for communication in all the business sector. Email service helps to connect with users and you can also easily do marketing of your products. But today when you send any business emails sometimes it may end up in the spam folder so overcome this issue you can use Email Spam Check option in your OVIPanel.


Steps to use Email Spam Check:


Step-1: Need login to the OVIPanel


Step-2:  Now need to go for Mail option


Step-3: Click on the Email Spam Check option



>>> Select the domain name in which you want to check the spam emails


>>> Click on View Logs.



So once after clicking on view Logs, it may take some time to load like a minute or more. And once the log is completed you will find the below output and in that output, it will check data in SPF, DKIM, RDNS, smtp_banner and once you get the output you need to check all the results are pass and if you find any output as fail then you can retry the above process. But still same issues then you need to raise a ticket, our technical will set it right for you.