What is autoresponder how to set it in Linux Dedicated Box?


Linux is an open-source software, Linux dedicated server is the right choice for the business looking for reliable and robust dedicated servers at the affordable prices. Linux dedicated servers are the fully-managed hosting services helps in improving improve your business performance, boosts increasing server requirements and supports numerous databases like PostgreSQL, SQL, and MySQL.


Meaning of an Autoresponder:


An autoresponder is a script that will automatically reply to emails sent to the selected email address. It can be used for away messages, email confirmations, or for many other functions. Autoresponders will be configured on a mail server with the help of email clients. Once you configure on a mail server, the server will automatically send response emails when the autoresponder is active. Server-based autoresponders are usually configured using a webmail interface.

Steps to set up autoresponder in Linux Dedicated Box:


Step-1: Login to ucp/OVIPanel

Step-2: Select Autoresponder option from Mails section


Step-3: In Autoresponder page fill all the required details like email, subject, from, body and click on create button.


Your required autoresponder will be created


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