What all are the mail linked features available in OVIPanel for Dedicated Box

The OVIPanel is built with a number of unique features that gives the total easy flowing experience to the clients. When are hosted your web application on the massive dedicated server you may need the responsive functionality of mail covering all possible functionalities.

If you are planning to host multiple websites under OVIPanel then we would recommend you to go with our Dedicated servers, because in dedicated server you get to own an entire server and you can make any changes in your server as per your requirements.

What does Dedicated Hosting mean?

Dedicated hosting service is a web hosting service where a client will be entitled to an entire server for his us and he can make changes in his server as per his requirements. And in the dedicated hosting client will provide with the root access to his server and with the help of it he can make changes in his website and server. There are many benefits of a dedicated server such as flexibility, control, resilience, reliability, and security.


The functions are as follows

Mail Forwarder.

The mail forwarded function makes it possible to configure a mailbox as it has to forward the received mail to the other mailboxes. Setting up of the email forwarded is pretty simple you can refer our demo video for more info.

Mail Aliases

When you have a mailbox missing your domain you can configure it as an alias so that, the copy of the same will be forwarded to other. You will not miss any of your important mail with this.

Mailing lists

When you have a bulk of emails to forward you can configure it within the mailing lists. You can add as many as mail addresses in this.

Auto Responder

When you are away on a vacation and you wont be able to respond for your emails, you can set up the autoresponder function for it. It will send the response mail whenever there is a mail received for the configured mailbox.