Virtual Machine PHP Mail Log viewer


If you are having a website hosted on a VPS server services that is under attack and starts sending tons of emails, is sometimes difficult to understand from where the attack is started. Moreover with this little PHP script you can understand from which folder the attack is coming.


If you are using any CMS, due to some plugins there is a possibility of automatic mail deliver continuously which will fail to deliver the mails under inbox. Your IP address may get blocked because of such auto generated spam mails.


So it is better to check the php mail logs on daily basis to avoid such instances. It is also possible to detect the blocked php files,unblocked php files, whitelist php files using our PHP Mail log module.


Steps needs to be carried out for php mail log check:


  1. First you need to Login to our ACP Panel.


  1. You can see Search box on the right hand side, kindly search for phpmail log module and click on it.


  1. Under the module you can see the list of blocked and unblocked php files. Logs related to mails created by particular php files.


  1. By seeing this log it is very easy to visit the appropriate path mentioned on the logs and monitor the mails. Stop the php files if it is not created by yourself.