Mails are receiving but not able to send


At HostingRaja panel you will have the privilege to add number of domains and their associated mails ids. The mails transfer takes place through the mail server like SMTP. Sometimes the mail functionalities won’t be able to perform properly because of various reasons.


The reasons may be like Ip blacklisted, mail server turned off, huge data on the mail queue etc. There has to be different test cases performed to diagnose and perform the issues.


How to Debug this issue.


Create a new account in the client panel and tried to send the mail in both the ways.


Case 1 :


If the mails are neither receiving and not sending.


To solve this in the linux dedicated web hosting follow the following steps.

Check the mail servers and restart the dovecot and postfix. If the mail queue is full try to empty the same with the following command.


Postsuper -d ALL deferred


Case 2 :

If the mails are receiving but unable to send.


In the mx lookup check for the spf , DKIM records in the mx toolbox. If the values are missing kindly update the same. Wait for 2-4 hours for the propagation to take place. And kindly check it again.There are also the chances that your IP must have been blacklisted.


Update the spf and DKIM records


Case 3 :

If the mails are sending but unable to receive.


Check for the disk space allocated for the server. If the memory is full the server will not be able to handle those requests. You will get the details about all outgoing and incoming mails in the maillog.


Considering the above mentioned test cases and going with the respective solutions can help you diagnose the issue and resolve it easily.