Mailing List


The Mailing list has become a popular way to send common information to the list of addresses which are present in a particular group for all VPS Hosting Plan Customers. It is also called as discussion list which allows a group of people to discuss topics amongst themselves, with everyone able to send email to the list and have it distributed to everyone in the group. This discussion may also be moderated, so only selected posts are sent on to the group as a whole, or only certain people are allowed to send to the group.

Here is the Video on How to create a Mailing List in OVIPanel:


Benefits of using Mailing List:

1. A mailing list gives small business owners a direct connection within the Organisations Members who want to receive information about the business’s products and services. Members opt in to join a mailing list, so the members of your list have actively chosen to receive communications from you.

2. It reduces your time on sending same information to multiple addresses at a time.

3. Email allows you to land into a user’s inbox. There is no ranking system limiting your reach. It is very direct, personal, and casual.

Steps to create a Mailing List:

Step-1: Log in to your OVIPanel


Step-2:  Go to Mail section


Step-3: Click on the Email Accounts



>>> Now in Create a new mailbox option you need to  enter your Email Address, password and Quota (in MB) that is how much space you need to store your emails



>>> Now click on create.



So once after creating the email account for your particular domain, you can edit it and change its password and you can also edit its Quota and you can increase the storage size and you can even delete it.