How to resolve SMTP Error for email routing?


In today business world email plays an important mode of communication. And today a lot of businesses are using the email service and with the help of emails, they can easily get in touch with their clients and customers. So today if you are using an email service for your website then you might have faced some issues related to SMTP error where your email will get a bounce back to you.


So if you are using email hosting then the email routing is performed entirely based on the destination address of the email message. Moreover, it is theoretically possible for mail clients to deliver their own messages directly to recipients, this is not desirable.


And in here one of the main things you need to consider is that the end user's mail client will deliver outbound messages to their local mail server using SMTP or a similar protocol. So once the mail is been delivered the local mail server performs a DNS lookup to find the 'MX' records for the recipient's domain name. And once after finding the MX records, the local server will attempt to build an SMTP connection for each of it MX server in order of its priority, until a connection gets successful. Once the attempt is successful it will finally forwards the message to the remote server and ends the connection.


Follow the below steps to resolve SMTP Error for email routing:


>>> First log into you ACP OVIPanel


>>> Go to Email Routing



>>> Now in here list of UCP domains will be listed over with option to change the routing settings and current setting.


>>> Now the button option will be Local Mail Exchanger, if the domain is setting up with remote mail exchanger. So click to "switch to local mail exchanger", if both hosting and server are from the same hosting company


>>> In other option will be Remote Mail Exchanger, if the domain is setting up with local mail exchanger. So click to "switch to remote mail exchanger", if you have hosting and server from two different hosting company



Note: After changing to Remote Mail Exchanger still if you are facing the same issue then you need to contact your email service provider.