Account Level Filter


Prevention is better than cure. The account level filter works on the same principle.It avoids the unwanted mails based on the different possible parameters. The  parameters  could be of type…

  • From        From which particular mail id or domain you don’t wish to receive  any mails.

  • To             To which particular mail id you don’t wish to reply.

  • Subject    Even it is possible to avoid the mail based on the content  in the subject.  

  • Body        The incoming mail can be avoided based on the body of mail. 

  • Header     The mail can even be avoided based on the type of header.

The Account Level filter module interface looks as below images.

>>> First, log into your OVIPanel, Go to mail and click on Account Level Filter



>>> Now in Create new filter option you need to fill the details and then click on Save



>>> Once after clicking save you can find the filtered mail on List Filter option



>>> And now if you want to delete the Filter then in the List Filter you will find the delete option click on that. Once after clicking on that it will ask for confirmation over there you need to click on Delete and your filtered mail will be deleted.



The filtration done in the account level filter is further more detailed with serverel option to select the above mentioned parameters .

Those are listed as below

  • Equals        : If the defined word completely equals the parameter. 

  • Contains     : If even only part of it contains in the parameter.




For example when rule is set as


subject and contains is given

And the desired word provided for that in the text box is “the xyz is pqr”.

When any mail with subject “lmn and the xyz is pqr”.

That mail will be discarded.


subject and equals is given

And the desired word provided for that in the text box is “the xyz is pqr”.

Mail with subject “lmn and the xyz is pqr” will not be discarded as it doesn’t equals it.

The mail would have been discarded if the mail is with subject “lmn and the xyz is pqr”.
This is how the account level filter works.

Account level filter offers smooth and efficient way to avoid the mails including no of possible cases.