Sub Domain

Sub-Domain is used as an easy way to create a more memorable Web address for specific or unique content with a website.A subdomain is basically a child domain under a larger parent domain name. In the larger scheme of the Domain Name System, it is considered a third-level domain used to organize site content.

For Example:

It could make it easier for users to remember and navigate to the picture gallery of a site by placing it in the address, as opposed to In this case, the subdomain is gallery.mysite, whereas the main domain is

Advantages of Sub-domain:

1. Organizing website content according to the category.

2. Sharing the allotted domain space with other users by providing them subdomains and their own username and password with varying levels of feature access.

3. Shortening long links and making them easy to navigate and remember.

4. Subdomains are free. If your hosting plan allows, once you have bought a domain you can add subdomains for no cost.

5. It is easy to install or upload anything to a subdomain without impact on your main site. You can avoid software and plugin conflicts.

6. If you use WordPress or any software that creates dynamic links you avoid url conflicts by using subdomains rather than subdirectories.

Steps to create a Subdomain:

Step-1: Need to log in to your OVIPanel


Step-2: Look for the Domains menu section


Step-3: Now click on the Sub Domains



Step-4: Create the sub domain in "Create a new sub-domain" option by giving domain name and its Home directory.



Step-5: While choosing the Home directory there will be three options: one is off to Create a new home directory


Or you can also choose a directory by clicking on Use existing home directory



You can even choose the Manual Config where you can choose the path which you want to display on your website



Not only that if you want you can also edit your home directory of your sub domain by clicking edit option in the Current Sub-domains option and you can also delete the sub domain in the same option.