Procedure to create Sub Domain in OVIPanel

Usage of the website and web hosting service are increasing day by day and the main reason is nowadays many people have access to the internet. And moreover, through the website, there is a possible way to display your products and services for the people domestically or internationally. If in case you are having a website and looking at how to create a subdomain in OVIPanel then below you have the full information. 

Create Sub Domain in OVIPanel with the help of the below video:


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Make use of the below-mentioned steps to create Sub Domain in OVIPanel:


Step-1: Need to log in to your OVIPanel


Step-2: Look for the Domains menu section


Step-3: Now click on the Sub Domains



Step-4: Create the sub domain in "Create a new sub-domain" option by giving domain name and its Home directory.



Step-5: While choosing the Home directory there will be three options: one is off to Create a new home directory


Or you can also choose a directory by clicking on Use existing home directory



You can even choose the Manual Config where you can choose the path which you want to display on your website



Not only that if you want you can also edit your home directory of your sub domain by clicking edit option in the Current Sub-domains option and you can also delete the sub domain in the same option.