How to DNS ZONE Editor in HostingRaja server


This can be done only by users and not admin. You can enter the server name and server details related to it in DNS ZONE Editor. In ACP OVIPanel the Name Server is default as all the modules are enabled but it cannot be used. If you want to do any changes in DNS than you should login to OVIPanel. DNS (Domain Name System) is a Internet's system for converting alphabetic names into numeric IP addresses. For example, when you are typing Web address (URL) into a browser, DNS servers return the IP address of the Website server associated with that name.




1. Login to OVIPanel and go to DNS ZONE Editor



2. Manage Domains by going to select a domain



3. After selecting a domain click on edit option



4. This record will contain an IPv4 address. Its target is an IPv4 address, e.g. ''



5. You can Type the Host Name, TTL (transistor-transistor logic), Target (IP) and Action.



6. Just enter the Host Name



7. Enter the TTL (transistor-transistor logic) this you will get automatically also when you click on Add new records. If you want to can change it.



8. In target you should enter the IP which you are targeting



9. If in future you want to delete it then you want



10. You can add new records if needed



11. You can go to Domain list if you want to change the domain you have selected



12. You can undo the changes you did.



13. You can save the changes you have done.



14. You can watch video if you have any doubt related to it


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