Open Litespeed Installation and Guidance


Open Litespeed is an open-source web server application. It's lightweight, high performance and user-friendly dashboard. 


STEP 1: Run the below command to install open Litespeed.



STEP 2: Switch webserver to openliteSpeed, Select Open Litespeed and then click the Mak it default option.



STEP 3:  Now your openLitespeed default webserver, This below option configuration options, click here login Openlitespeed dashboard. 



STEP 4:  Run script to reset Dashboard login credentials.



STEP 5:  Select the Domain to Clear the cache for your Website.



STEP 6:  Login area of Openlitespeed dashboard. reset the password and log in here.



STEP 7:  Openlitespeed is the default configuration with Ovipanel.