How to check PHP version in OVIPanel?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is the leading and widely used programming language for the website development. This scripting language is widely used by the web developers due to its ability to be installed within the web pages. Rather than the static pages, now the pages can be dynamic and can be changed based on the host variables. PHP syntax is not much difficult, and at the same time, the functions are simple. It is called as a scripting language because it will not run as a stand-alone application, or develop a stand-alone application. PHP will run the scripts within the web pages but then to depends on the web server and the visitor's browser to perform, We have special optimised and suitable PHP hosting for all php developers.

PHP scripts can be used on the leading operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC OS, Solaris, Unix and much more of other operating systems. PHP also supports most of the web servers like IIS and Apache. Making use of PHP allows the web developers to select their own operating system and web server. PHP was mainly designed for the purpose of website development but quickly developed to become a much more robust language. PHP languages primary use is an embedded scripting language, that means the actual PHP code is inserted in HTML code. If used in this manner, PHP enables the web server to process web pages before it is displayed in the user's web browser.

Steps to check PHP version in OVIPanel:

Step 1: Log in to your OVIPanel

Step 2: And go to the server admin section

Step 3: Click on the PHP configuration

Step 4: In the PHP configuration page click on the view full PHP configuration option.

Step 5: After clicking you will be redirected to the new screen which will display the complete PHP configuration for your servers core PHP only.

This is the video tutorial on checking the PHP version in OVIPanel:

Advantages of using PHP:

The first and most reasonable advantages of PHP is that it is completely free. As it is an open source software so anyone can use it for any purpose at any time. Moreover many websites which run off Apache servers are programmed with PHP. And it is more powerful compared to ASP and JSP and has the capability to run on all kinds of OS and web browsers. PHP is also considered as the fastest scripting languages along with extremely stable and secured. PHP related sites are easily affordable to develop, design, modify and customize. HostingRaja offers professional services within the area of PHP, like CMS development, websites designing, developing the web application and much more.