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How to take weekly or monthly Backup - OVIPanel?

Steps to take weekly or monthly backup in OVIPanel:

Step 1: Log in to the OVIPanel

Step 2: And now go to the files section

Step 3: Click on the backup option

Step 4: Now go to the automatic backup and select the type of backup you need to take or can disable the existing backup.

Step 5: Click on the save settings option and backup will be taken weekly or monthly based on your selection.

Step 6: Now can backup the hosting account files by clicking on launch.

Step 7: Backup archives will display the backup which is taking place.

Here is the video tutorial on  taking the weekly or monthly Backup in OVIPanel:

Importance of data backup:

1) The data is going to be the most significant part of your backup. Take some time to prepare your documents if they aren’t already backed up. So that it makes easier to ensure that you’ve backed up everything that you required.

2) Storage has become affordable so that it makes the most sense to just back up all the data. You can save more money by storing the data which you cannot replace. Nowadays all users will back up everything simply because it doesn’t cost much.

3) Data is the most important part of all users. Computer hardware can fail at any time, data can be lost, corrupted, stolen, or destroyed. But data backup software will help you in protecting and restoring the data if there is an issue.